High School

During this stage, Al-Mamoor School students undertake challenging courses that prepare them to tackle Regents exams mandated by New York State, such as English, Chemistry, Living Environment, U. S. History, Global History, Trigonometry, Geometry, Physics, and Arabic Language. Our dedicated and committed teachers begin to prepare students for both, SAT exams and College life, by integrating research and implementing college level reading and writing materials in all lessons. A strong focus is also put on preparing students for the real world and their professional career by building confidence and encouraging public speaking through Socratic Seminars, Elocution Day, Quran competitions, Spelling Bee, and various other public speaking events.



Students will learn to (1) respond to literature by developing their critical thinking and inferencing skills, (2) analyze literary elements and devices, 3) write well-developed paragraphs, routine journal responses, close reading essays and research papers based on novels, short stories, and non-fiction text while implementing the rules of writing convention, (4) prepare for the Common Core ELA Regents Exam, 5) synthesize the text that are read in class with the teachings in Islam to find thematic connections between literature and religion.

In 9th grade Geometry, we will be following the new Common Core curriculum. Instructional time should focus on (1) Geometric Structure (Geometry Tools and Modeling, Reasoning and Proof and Parallel and Perpendicular Lines), (2) Congruence (Congruent Triangles and their relationships, and Quadrilaterals), (3) Similarity (Proportions and Similarity, Right Triangles and Trigonometry, and Transformations and Symmetry), (4) Measurement (Circles, Areas of Polygons and Circles, Surface Area and Volume and Probability and Measurement).

Listed are some of the main topics that we will be covering during the year InshaaAllah:
– Biomolecules & Enzymes
– Cellular Processes & Cell Cycle
– Viruses & Microbes
– DNA/RNA/Protein Synthesis
– Genetics; Evolution; Classification
– Ecology; Plants; Body Systems

Social Studies
This year, in social studies the 9th grade will learn about world civilizations such as Sumer, Egypt, India, Americas, and Europe. They shall analyze how change in technology impacts groups and they will learn about religion and cultures.

Islamic Studies
We will discuss the following topics:
– Seven Articles of Faith
– Five Pillar
– Cleanliness and Hygiene
– Stories of the Prophets
– Stories of the Companions
– Prohibitions in the Quran
– Translation and Commentary on different Chapters of the Quran
– Selected Ahadith

The students will receive instruction regarding 1) reading lessons and new vocabulary, 2) engaging in question and answer sessions, 3) conversations based on different scenarios, 4) different types of conjugation of verbs, 5) types of plural forms, 6) counting from 1-100 in Arabic, and 7) the usage of negatives in sentences.

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