Preschool: Our school participates in the UPK program funded by New York City. In the reading program, students build literacy competencies, interests in reading, discriminating between letters by sounds. For math, they build upon mathematical concepts, manipulating objects, counting, and recognizing numerals. Students will also be able to demonstrate their social/emotional skills, build on their independence and self-confidence, self-control, and learn basic interaction skills, such as following rules, making friends, and sharing. They will develop their fine motor skills such as writing, coloring, cutting, and activities of daily living skills. In physical education, they will build their gross motor skills through balancing, running, jumping, throwing, and catching in a structured play setting.

Kindergarten: Follows the Common Core Curriculum. Islam is integrated into all subjects. Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Arabic grammar, Islamic Studies, Quran, Social Studies and Art are part of the curriculum. At the Kindergarten level, focus will be put on the command of phonics, rudimentary writing skills, and developing fine motor skills. Emphasis will be put on creativity and developing leadership qualities.

1st – 5th Grade: Follows the Common Core Curriculum. As students move on, special emphasis is paid on reading and creative writing skills in English Language Arts. Math includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division among other manipulation of numbers. Spoken Arabic language with proper usage of grammar, reading of the Quran with tajweed, memorization of Surahs, and Islamic Studies are all part of the daily curriculum. Memorization of the entire Juz Amma is completed around 4th grade depending on student’s pace. Additional classes include Science, Social Studies, Art, Physical Education and Computer. The use of manipulatives, games, projects, and various activities are utilized to maximize learning and make it fun for the students. A great deal of focus is placed on Islamic History, Arabic as a second language, and training in the appropriate Islamic conduct.

Middle School (6th– 8th): Following the Common Core Curriculum, students take ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students in 8th grade take Algebra 1 and Earth Science, followed by the NYS Regents Exams. All students take Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Quran classes. During this transitional time, students continue to grow and develop their personalities. Al-Mamoor School inspires and motivates students to acquire the skills they need to succeed in High School and beyond.

High School: During this stage, Al-Mamoor School students undertake challenging courses that prepare them to tackle Regents exams mandated by New York State, such as English, Chemistry, Living Environment, U. S. History, Global History, Trigonometry, Geometry, Physics, and Arabic Language. Our dedicated and committed teachers begin to prepare students for both, SAT exams and College life, by integrating research and implementing college level reading and writing materials in all lessons. A strong focus is also put on preparing students for the real world and their professional career by building confidence and encouraging public speaking through Socratic Seminars, Elocution Day, Quran competitions, Spelling Bee, and various other public speaking events.

Physical Education: Along with a strong focus on academic success as well as the mental and spiritual aspects of all students, Al-Mamoor School also encourages fitness and a healthy lifestyle by offering and mandating Physical Education courses in all grades.

Foreign Language: We are offering our students Arabic language as a second language to maintain their Islamic identity and also to strengthen their understanding of Islamic and Quranic studies.

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