The Al-Mamoor Islamic School strives to raise the next generation of Muslims to be successful authorities in various professions as well as balanced Muslims. Our mission is to respect, foster and value every child's cognitive development; cultural diversity; social, physical and emotional growth by providing a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Al-Mamoor school is accredited and follows the standards and regulations based upon the NEW YORK STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION. The school teaches all subjects including English, Math, Science, Social Studies and Arts & Crafts. In addition, students learn the Deen of Islam and Arabic and experience learning in an Islamic environment
05November 2017 Last Day of 1st Marking Period 08:30-09:30
16November 2017 Half Day 08:00-12:15
16November 2017 Parent Teacher Conference 13:30-15:20
17November 2017 Parent Teacher Conference 17:00-19:30
November National Holiday-School Closed -
November Pre-K Non-Attendance Day -
November Winter Recess-School Closed -
November Science Fair -
November MLK Day-School Closed -
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